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Miguel Seijo, 45-Year-Old Spanish Bodybuilding Champion

Miguel Seijo, 45-Year-Old Spanish Bodybuilding Champion - полезные советы о здоровье на EverNews.ru
Miguel Seijo, 45-year-old Spanish bodybuilding acheter testosterone enanthate champion

The viveirense athlete lives a second youth; Alejandro Vázquez was bronze

Vivairense bodybuilder Miguel Seijo achieved this weekend, at 45 years of age, the most gratifying victory and that he considers most important in his long career, by winning two gold medals in the Spanish Cup of the National Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness contested in Alicante. For Miguel Seijo it was his first competition this year and he took the stage in the category of over 35 years. He won and looked so good that he decided to compete in the under-35s (registration is voluntary, age is not required), also winning. In addition, he took the absolute silver medal of the championship. His pupil, Alejandro Vázquez, competed with him, who at 21 took the bronze in junior, confirming his great present and better future, adding this success in his second competition.

After his long career in the world of bodybuilding, where he was champion of Spain and bronze in the European, Miguel Seijo switched to the discipline of bodybuilding. In 2018 he won the international Olympia Amateur Spain 2018 tournament in the Men’s Physique Master category over 178 centimeters, with the most harmonious and proportionate body.

This year, Sunday’s in Alicante was his first competition. He took the stage with 82 kilos and devastated, with a very sharp physique. “Since I left the bodybuilding circuit I have not experienced big differences in weight out of competition. I am usually about 85-86 kilograms. What happened this time was that I prepared in five months, when the normal thing is to do it in a year, «he points out.

Miguel Seijo, 45-Year-Old Spanish Bodybuilding Champion - полезные советы о здоровье на EverNews.ru

«Bodybuilding demands a lot more from your diet, you have to eat a lot more,» he says. But now the discipline that is clearly on the rise is fitness and bodybuilding, with an audience that seeks to see more aesthetic bodies, and not so much the huge volumes that bodybuilding athletes reach.

Yesterday at noon, back from Alicante, Miguel and Alejandro stopped at Foster’s Hollywood in Madrid to eat. It was one of the few excesses that are allowed: «Tomorrow we are back to the normal routine,» commented Miguel, who insists on the importance of diet: «From zero to 10, diet is 10 important, while training is you get to a 6 or 7 and you’re doing well. And the rest would be an 8. Neglecting the diet is the big mistake, because if you eat less and train a lot, you pay for it », he points out. And, of course, genetics: «If you want to play in the NBA, you had better be six feet tall. The same thing happens with this sport. There are chosen ones, who are born with ideal conditions and, then, applying discipline, achieve successes ». And he adds: «I, with all the years I have been in this, never stop learning». And looking how it looks, it does not surprise his challenge: «I considered reaching 50 years of competition. Let’s see if I arrive ».

Miguel Seijo, 45-Year-Old Spanish Bodybuilding Champion - полезные советы о здоровье на EverNews.ru

Because this triumph has had a special flavor for him: «For me it means the maximum, because winning kids who are twice my age makes me very excited and gives me strength to continue. I still not believe it. The normal thing would be that at my age I was on the downhill and yet I’m still there ».

Of Alejandro, Miguel highlights his third place: «The level was very high and in his first year of competition he is achieving incredible successes. Due to his age, he needs to fill in a little, but the sky is his limit ».

Miguel Seijo, 45-Year-Old Spanish Bodybuilding Champion — все секреты здоровья и красоты на EverNews.ru

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